Strong risk management is fundamental to a successful investment approach. Eight Isle’s mission is to empower superior investment decision-making through effective risk management. Our philosophy revolves around the belief that implementing a risk framework will only lead to improved results when coupled with knowledge of how to implement and how to develop the required skills in risk-based decision-making. At Eight Isle we couple extensive knowledge of market risk implementation with bespoke decision-making frameworks using a case study approach to allow clients to understand how to make use of the information to add value to their existing processes.


Decision-making is a skill developed from experience and practice, not knowledge that can be taught. Having an ability to blend stimuli from the past, the present and the future together allows a systematic approach which will lead to more informed, and ultimately, superior decisions. Fundamentally, good risk management is about asking the right questions, and then having a plan in place to know how to react to the answers.


Eight Isle’s philosophy bridges three core themes together to deliver results:

     What are the objectives of the process you are implementing?
     What information is needed to evaluate your positions and exposures?
     What models and systems should you use?
     Where are the gaps?

     How to understand the data and model outputs
     What are the strengths and weaknesses of the process?
     What information don’t I have; what don’t I know?
     Framing the future

     How to use the information to make effective decisions
     How to position risk within a successful investment approach
     Identify the importance of being pragmatic and dynamic


Whether you are looking for a complete investment risk management solution built from scratch, or looking at how to improve results from your existing processes, Eight Isle can help. Please contact us to discuss how we can add value to your organisation today.

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